Do I still like wings a bunch or have I moved on to other food

I haven’t wanted to eat wings or talk about wing in a couple of weeks witch makes me wonder if I’m stiil a big wing eating opponent. I have been eating a bunch of burritos from this one place in town and then one day I’m like “I haven’t had a wing to eat for a long time” which made me worry that my favorite isn’t wings any more. I’m going to going out to get wings tonight and so I hope I still love them alot


I ate some wing chips of Larry the Cable Guy comedian

I was getting gas at the gas station and saw some chips from the comedy Larry the Cable Man so I bought them. They were probably the best wing flavored chops I vevr had before. That surprised me because I don’t think most comedians men can cook..




I dreamed I got sick from eating so many wings

Last night started out real good because I was dreaming about eating wings like a conveyor belt of more wings than ever made in one place before. All kinds of flavores anything I thought of they would just come out like it was mind control on the wing making thing. At first it was all in my grandma Nan’s basement with all my uncles and family dogs watching, in other words it was awesome. Then the belt speeded up and the whole thing was on top of a scary mointain like on Lord of the Rings and I had to eat and eat or for some reason everyone would die so I ate real fast. My belly gut expanded way far out until wing juice poured out from my nose and then I threw up. A second conveyor belt appeared and all my throw up was taken away in one long gross stream by that belt. I then had a second mouth on the back of my neck and kept eating through that mouth, but throwing it all up right away threw my front mouth. It was so scary I woke up and yelled and my wife was real mad

I almost ate wings last night

Happy new Years Day to everyone out there in wing ville. HA!

Last night we went to a cajun restaurant with somet friends and we were exsited about some green hot wings they had on the menu so we ordered them from the waitress but she said they didnt not have any because the green sauce was on backoreder.


I wish they had the greeen wings I wonder what they tasted like

So we ordered the regular winges (Steve’s Hot Wings) but I forgot to eat any because there was some musicions playing music in the restaurant and they sounded good

Merry Chrismas from TwoWingBros

I think every chrstimas tree should have a hot wing ornament so I looked for it at and found one. You’re welceom and have a great Christmas and make some wings for everybody!!!

not sure I should put ths on the blog it kind of looks like a gold poop turd

not sure I should put ths on the blog it kind of looks like a gold poop turd

Have a super great Christmas now matter if you believe in God, or are Jewish or a Musslim. Wings are for everybody to enjoy.

There is a hair on this wing is it OK to eat it?

There is a question we get alot is “There is a hair on this wing but is it OK to eat?” That is a very tricky question because it depends on a hole bunch to stuff to take into account before you eat. I hope that this blog can help you answer this question before you throw out all the wings you just bought because that ouwld be a real waist and shame.

The thing to do first it to pull the hair off the wing and look at it realy close. Its ok to put it on a part of the wing plate not touching the wings or to put it on a napikin. Look at it real good. When you go through all the different possbililities you be ready to figure out the answer to the question.

The things you need to think about before you throw away the wings

  1. Who made the wings
  2. Where are you
  3. What type hair is it
  4. How many people and dogs are at your house right now
  5. How hungry are you

All thes e things matter a whole bunch because some are Ok and some are not. Some times this happens and it would be totally ok execpt for one litlle thing and its really hard to decide. Lets’ go through it

1. Who made the wings

If you make the wings then it is porbbably ok to eat the wings if it look like the hair came from your head (look at your hair then the wing hair) the answer is YES unless you are real dirty. If the hair look like your wife or girlfriend hair then it is up to you about if hair on food just makes you sick to htink about, then the answer might be NO.

2. Where are you

If you are note at home then you probably didnt’ make the wings unless you made them at a friends house. Maybe the hair fell off your head so look real close. Is it your hair then probably YES? Look at the lady that brought out the wings if it looks like her hair then the answer is probably NO. If the hair look like the cooks hair then the answer is still NO proably more NO than the waitress hair. If the restuarant is fancy like Chilis then MAYBE, if it is a truckstop then NO. If the hair looks like your friends hair who made the wings at his house then the answer is probably NO unless he is your best friend.

Here it a google of ugly people if you look like this or your waitress looks like this then don't eat the wing

Here it a google of ugly people if you look like this or your waitress looks like this then don’t eat the wing these are some pretty funny pitctures

2. What type of hair is it on the wing

If you think the hair is from your face head or body: if the hair look like an eyelash answer is YES, if it looks like a head hair then PROBABLY, if it looks like an arm hair then YES, if a leghair then MAYBE (where your legs have been), if a beard hair then YES.

Here is a real gross probablem that we have to address head on: if you are not a curly hair person, and the wing hair is curly, it might be a public hair. If you are totally alone at home then the answer is MAYBE, if you are at a restarant then the answer is NO. You don’t know if someone put their private part on the wing because you made them mad last week or something.

Sometime there can be a crab on the pubic hair you don't want to eat that!!!!

Sometime there can be a crab on the pubic hair you don’t want to eat that!!!!

4. How many people and dogs are at your house right now

If you are at home, look around and count the people there. If alot of people are there then if you can’t be sure your hair is the wing hair then it probably belongs to one of them. one time my dogs got riled up and fought near my wing plate and I found a hair on my wings. I don’t thing it was a coninidence because it looks just like my beagles hair. THE answer is MAYBE if it is YOUR hair. .

My beagle Snoop Dog is on the left he gets into little fights

My beagle Snoop Dog is on the left he gets into little fights

5 How hungry are you

If you are really really hungry and you need to eat then you have to decide to eat it even if it is a pubic or other type hair. You can just throw away the one wing the hair was on. the answer is UP TO YOU.

A side question is can the wipes help you. I don’t think so usually to help the wing be eaten but if you want to clean your hand that touched the hair then the wipe is a good option. If you wipe the wing then the sauce will get on the wipe and the wipe juice will get on the wing and it doesn’t taste good.

Another side question is what do I do if the hair was on the wing and you took a bite and now the hair is in your mouth? Definitely pull out the hair and unless you 100 % sure it is your head hair then spit out the wing bite on your plate. Your probably mad so calm down a little bit.

Here is a poll for you to tell us how you feel about eating a wing hair with a hair on it.