I ate some wing chips of Larry the Cable Guy comedian

I was getting gas at the gas station and saw some chips from the comedy Larry the Cable Man so I bought them. They were probably the best wing flavored chops I vevr had before. That surprised me because I don’t think most comedians men can cook..





I almost ate wings last night

Happy new Years Day to everyone out there in wing ville. HA!

Last night we went to a cajun restaurant with somet friends and we were exsited about some green hot wings they had on the menu so we ordered them from the waitress but she said they didnt not have any because the green sauce was on backoreder.


I wish they had the greeen wings I wonder what they tasted like

So we ordered the regular winges (Steve’s Hot Wings) but I forgot to eat any because there was some musicions playing music in the restaurant and they sounded good