Ultimate homemade hotwings recipe.

Ok so everyone keeps asking for my homemade wings recipe so finally I decided to share it here please don’t tell everyone about this because it is a family recipe and kind of a secret lol

First off you have to get a fryer.  Any model will do by I just got a Ninja deep fryer you can buy one here.  I dont care if you have to rent one or borrow one but if you dont have a fryer you can skip to the next blog because you arent making wings here.


photo 2 (1)

Ok so now that you have a fryer just heat it up and put the wings in.  Its not that hard dont overcomplicate it, put them in and relax.

Ok now they are cooked you can take them out.  pore the wing sauce all over them and put them on a plate.

Enjoy your wings

photo 1

Oh before I forget, you don’t want to serve these without wipes, so let me tell you my homemade wing wipes recipe:

WingBroTwo’s Famous Homemade Wing Wipes Recipe


  • 1 can of Kerosene (I use Klean Strip 5 brand) which you can buy here.
  • 1 roll of Toilet Paper (I use Charmin 2 ply) which you can buy here.


  1.  Fill a large bowl, all the way to the brim with Kerosene.  Don’t be shy – it’s important to fill it all the way to the brim even if a little bit spills over.
  2. Drop the toilet paper roll into the kerosene from a height of 6 to 8 inches.  It’s ok if it splashes over a bit, kerosene evaporates very quickly.
  3. Let the mixture sit for around 5 minutes.  Any more, and the toilet paper will disintegrate into a soupy mess which is hard to wipe anything with.
  4. Remove the toilet paper roll from the kerosene.
  5. Carefully remove each square of paper and fold into inch size towelettes.
  6. Arrange the towelettes on a small plate (I prefer to arrange them in a ring) and serve alongside your hot chicken wings.

Guests will absolutely love how clean their faces and hands are with just one quick swipe of these incredible wipes.

Ok so that is how you make the wings hopefully this is good for your football game this weekend or the supoerbole and whatnot.  if you have a question on how to make them I will say it in the comment.


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