I dreamed I got sick from eating so many wings

Last night started out real good because I was dreaming about eating wings like a conveyor belt of more wings than ever made in one place before. All kinds of flavores anything I thought of they would just come out like it was mind control on the wing making thing. At first it was all in my grandma Nan’s basement with all my uncles and family dogs watching, in other words it was awesome. Then the belt speeded up and the whole thing was on top of a scary mointain like on Lord of the Rings and I had to eat and eat or for some reason everyone would die so I ate real fast. My belly gut expanded way far out until wing juice poured out from my nose and then I threw up. A second conveyor belt appeared and all my throw up was taken away in one long gross stream by that belt. I then had a second mouth on the back of my neck and kept eating through that mouth, but throwing it all up right away threw my front mouth. It was so scary I woke up and yelled and my wife was real mad


Wing Golfish puffed crackers

I ate some goldfish crackers from the grocery store that tastes like wings. I think they are kinda like starter wings for little kids for there lunch boxes or something. They were good for a little bit and then they made my stomach hurt. I don’t want to eat anymore of them but maybe a kid will try them and then want to eat a real wing so I support this idea.