Wing Golfish puffed crackers

I ate some goldfish crackers from the grocery store that tastes like wings. I think they are kinda like starter wings for little kids for there lunch boxes or something. They were good for a little bit and then they made my stomach hurt. I don’t want to eat anymore of them but maybe a kid will try them and then want to eat a real wing so I support this idea.



5 thoughts on “Wing Golfish puffed crackers

  1. Private message: I need some advice bro Julie says she doesn’t like the wing bros blog because I have sometime have wing flavor in my beard alot and that I smell like wings all of the time now. She says wings are bad for you (me) and I say there chicken but she says something about tranny’s fat and that makes me feel upset. What do in tell her because I don’t want to stop eating wings and making this blog

    • Private reply: sorry bro I have been on a wing bender as you will see from what I am going to post. I think julie is jeolis because finally you made this website and she said you couldn’t do it.

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